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Walking around Lava in Pacaya VolcanoWalking around Lava in Pacaya Volcano

There is lava everywhere! Are you coming or not? It was a cold rainy morning when we got there but the steam and heat from the lava made our day. We got totally dry in  [ más ]

Fijese means bad newsFijese means bad news

Funny thing about Guatemalans (or perhaps not so funny) is the use of the language. Fijese is one of the most characteristic words in the country. Its literal translation would be -pay attention- or -focus-(strictly  [ más ]

The grapes in Eastern GuatemalaThe grapes in Eastern Guatemala

Grapes and coconuts in cold Zacapa, near Usumatlán. Just after the department of El Progreso and minutes before they reach the Wellness Pasabién find a perfectly straight road section, you might not know but you  [ más ]

Santa Cruz del QuicheSanta Cruz del Quiche

At only minutes from Chichicastenango, Santa Cruz del Quiche is the center of the department of Quiche and with attractions on its own. It has everything you might need, is a modern city with all  [ más ]

Laguna Lachuá, a Mirror of the skyLaguna Lachuá, a Mirror of the sky

Lachuá Lagoon. Photography Hernandez Ottoniel Istupe. The climate is typical of a tropical rainforest with impressive variety of plants and trees of precious woods. Here also live jaguars, pumas, tapirs and many other wild animals.  [ más ]

San Francisco El AltoSan Francisco El Alto

The entrance is on the very right side of the main road heading to Huehuetenango from Quetzaltenango. It has a very active market with handicrafts, fabrics and vegetables. There are many stores of construction and  [ más ]

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Fijese means bad newsFijese means bad news

Funny thing about Guatemalans (or perhaps not so funny) is the use of the language. Fijese is one of the most characteristic words in the country. Its literal translation would be -pay attention- or -focus-(strictly  [ más ]

Healthy travelHealthy travel

From Baja Verapaz to Quiche, Guatemala's beauty and culture cannot be rivaled. Historical and cultural sites fill visitors with a sense of awe and wonder. It is like none other, its diversity unmatched. To fully  [ más ]

About Guatemala Travel GuidesAbout Guatemala Travel Guides

What would you do if you live or if you visit such a wonderful country? my dear friend, Guatemala is so beautiful that traveling comes naturally. And then, what would you do with all those  [ más ]

Map of GuatemalaMap of Guatemala

Map of the departments of Guatemala.  [ más ]

Contact usContact us

Feel free to contact us. Want to know more about Guatemala? Do you need a tour? Need hotel recommendations? Do you want to share a story? Or just want to say hi Send us an  [ más ]
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San Andres Xecul and its unique church in QuetzaltenangoSan Andres Xecul and its unique church in Quetzaltenango

If you visit Xela, the main city of Quetzaltenango (and second largest-modern city in Guatemala), take the time to visit this colorful church in San Andres Xecul. It's about 20 minutes from the center of  [ más ]

Nebaj and natural wondersNebaj and natural wonders

Chichele cascade, Ixil Nebaj, in the department of Quiché, is one of the towns of our country with great natural wealth, it captivates the senses of visitors. Road to Nebaj It is located 251 kilometers  [ más ]

River and waterfall at MagdalenaRiver and waterfall at Magdalena

This is one of my favorite pictures. Yes I have better ones but the memory of being there it is unbeatable. Magdalena received very little visitors back then due to the road conditions and cold  [ más ]

The other side of Pacaya volcanoThe other side of Pacaya volcano

Dry lava flows in a valley still covered by dark spots, is very wide, the scenery is beautiful and the view of the volcano, simply incomparable, to appear next. From the distance you can see  [ más ]

Chicabal Lagoon in QuetzaltenangoChicabal Lagoon in Quetzaltenango

Photo by JorgExtremo Of all the volcanoes of Guatemala are famous for having two lakes in its crater. One is the Ipala Volcano (which some say is in Jutiapa and others in Chiquimula, but see  [ más ]

Chicabal VolcanoChicabal Volcano

Chicabal Lagoon in Chicabal crater. Two volcanoes in Guatemala have a lake in its crater, Volcano Ipala and this, the Volcano Chicabal. Interestingly one is in the East and the other in the West so  [ más ]

Bombil Pek caveBombil Pek cave

Briones down in July front of the cave. The trip started as usual ... the call of one of the team telling an interesting place. Within minutes, call after call to finalize with others, to  [ más ]

Yaxhá, nature and Mayan templesYaxhá, nature and Mayan temples

Not only the extraordinary work of reconstruction work in the place, but the distribution of the temples in harmony with the environment are sufficient to remove the more than one breath. We are quite satisfied  [ más ]

Utatlán city falls, Spain began the conquestUtatlán city falls, Spain began the conquest

Tikal was this time an abandoned city and vegetation cover. It is intriguing to imagine how history would have been if the Spanish had found the Maya in full swing. Despite the difference of progress:  [ más ]

La Antigua GuatemalaLa Antigua Guatemala

Main church at La Antigua Guatemala It is known as the Colonial City. The architecture and streets preserve the original characteristics and look of the former main city of Guatemala at the beginning of the  [ más ]

Abaj TakalikAbaj Takalik

Abaj Takalik is located in El Asintal, Retalhuleu. It%u2019s at just minutes from the center of Rehu via a paved road in great conditions. Abaj Takalik is one of the most important maya sites because  [ más ]

Zaculeu maya ruinsZaculeu maya ruins

Zaculeu is a mayan archaeological site located in Huehuetenango. The original name of the city is Xinabajul and holds a rich history of warriors and resistance against the spanish conquest. Zaculeu comes from a king  [ más ]

Read about the History of Guatemala

History of Guatemala the first inhabitantsHistory of Guatemala the first inhabitants

Guatemala was established as an independent country on September 15, 1821, the history that preceded its definition as a country is typical of the territory it occupies, beginning with the earliest inhabitants: the Maya. The  [ más ]

Esquipulas ornamentsEsquipulas ornaments

Those visiting the Basilica of Esquipulas always returns with colorful decorations in their cars, or traditional hats that gave rise to the emblematic color ornaments. History tells us that before, when only arrived on foot  [ más ]

The conquest of IximchéThe conquest of Iximché

Historical Background: Differences between the kingdoms weakened the Mayan population during the conquest and provided his own defeat. Allies in the past, both kingdoms occupied what is now Chichicastenango during the rule of the king  [ más ]

From the Maya to the Spanish colonyFrom the Maya to the Spanish colony

A weakened Mayan world facilitate conflict Spanish conquest. Photo: Zaculeu. In what is now Guatemala there were several kingdoms and descendants of the Maya cities: Mam in Huehuetenango Zaculeu occupied, the Kichen in the department  [ más ]