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The other side of Pacaya volcanoThe other side of Pacaya volcano

Dry lava flows in a valley still covered by dark spots, is very wide, the scenery is beautiful and the view of the volcano, simply incomparable, to appear next. From the distance you can see  [ más ]

Railway Museum in ZacapaRailway Museum in Zacapa

The Railway Museum Zacapa was launched by the station workers who cleaned and fixed the place specially to meet him. Immediately impressed understand the work, effort and commitment of the labor required to create and  [ más ]

Lake AmatitlanLake Amatitlan

Lake Amatitlan is the closest lake to Guatemala City. It was a well visited touristic place (and still is). The lake is recovering from the side effects of the surrounding and growing cities. A lot  [ más ]

Map of GuatemalaMap of Guatemala

Map of the departments of Guatemala.  [ más ]

Palencia trailsPalencia trails

Palencia is a privileged place in the proximity of the city, excellent road access, good development and a cool climate despite being east of Guatemala, often associated with warm weather. Famous for the quality and  [ más ]

Bombil Pek caveBombil Pek cave

Briones down in July front of the cave. The trip started as usual ... the call of one of the team telling an interesting place. Within minutes, call after call to finalize with others, to  [ más ]

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Fijese means bad newsFijese means bad news

Funny thing about Guatemalans (or perhaps not so funny) is the use of the language. Fijese is one of the most characteristic words in the country. Its literal translation would be -pay attention- or -focus-(strictly  [ más ]

Healthy travelHealthy travel

From Baja Verapaz to Quiche, Guatemala's beauty and culture cannot be rivaled. Historical and cultural sites fill visitors with a sense of awe and wonder. It is like none other, its diversity unmatched. To fully  [ más ]

About Guatemala Travel GuidesAbout Guatemala Travel Guides

What would you do if you live or if you visit such a wonderful country? my dear friend, Guatemala is so beautiful that traveling comes naturally. And then, what would you do with all those  [ más ]

Map of GuatemalaMap of Guatemala

Map of the departments of Guatemala.  [ más ]

Contact usContact us

Feel free to contact us. Want to know more about Guatemala? Do you need a tour? Need hotel recommendations? Do you want to share a story? Or just want to say hi Send us an  [ más ]
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Hunapú, the Water Volcano Agua VolcanoHunapú, the Water Volcano Agua Volcano

View Hunahpú from Acatenango. This volcano is on the travel path of most tourists, alike, on the agenda of every climber. His rise is not exactly suitable for beginners, although many of them have risen  [ más ]

Tikal Tour, City of voicesTikal Tour, City of voices

Tikal remains as one of the many must see beauties around the world. Located in the very heart of the Peten jungle keeps the ancient maya breathtaking buildings from an ancient civilization. Tikal was one  [ más ]

Urlanta WaterfallUrlanta Waterfall

Urlanta has gradually become a place visited by local tourists. Its proximity to the city of Jalapa make travel planning is not a problem. Urlanta initially met as a destination for rock climbing. In addition  [ más ]

The arches of EsquipulasThe arches of Esquipulas

Arches of the aqueduct water Esquipulas drinking. After the Spanish conquest in Chiquimula, Esquipulas began to chart a new town together with their public services. Pobable water topped the list. Taking advantage of the topography  [ más ]

Momostenango RiscosMomostenango Riscos

Famous for its curious formations called -Riscos de Monostenango-, Momostenango itself is a city located in Totonicapan, having a very active market, fairly modern accommodations and maya language schools. There are different levels of maya  [ más ]

Utatlán city falls, Spain began the conquestUtatlán city falls, Spain began the conquest

Tikal was this time an abandoned city and vegetation cover. It is intriguing to imagine how history would have been if the Spanish had found the Maya in full swing. Despite the difference of progress:  [ más ]

Esquipulas ornamentsEsquipulas ornaments

Those visiting the Basilica of Esquipulas always returns with colorful decorations in their cars, or traditional hats that gave rise to the emblematic color ornaments. History tells us that before, when only arrived on foot  [ más ]

Steamy and read night at Pacaya VolcanoSteamy and read night at Pacaya Volcano

Me and some friends watching the heat at Pacaya on a cold night in Guatemala. The picture, as usual, was taken without filters. I never use filters. Pacaya volcano at night, or -Paca-night- After several  [ más ]

That beautiful place named LachuáThat beautiful place named Lachuá

This is a natural sanctuary named Lachuá, which means -smelly water-, as it has some sulfured aromas. It is located in Alta Verapaz and it is AWESOME. Is not an easy road, but mostly, and  [ más ]

Cahi Tunatiuh Imox and the conquerorCahi Tunatiuh Imox and the conqueror

More than admirable is the resistance that gave the Indians before the Spanish conquest. Iximché, and take by the colonists suffered all kinds of hardship and oppression of the conquerors who demanded taxes for land  [ más ]

Think twice about the colorful leafsThink twice about the colorful leafs

I couldn't help but posting this picture. The colors, the combination and the shape of the liquidambar leaves. In fact I just had to appreciate this little spot for a little while over Huehuetenango on  [ más ]

On a cold clear day at TajumulcoOn a cold clear day at Tajumulco

Picture taken in automatic mode at Tajumulco Volcano (4,220 meters above sea level). Tajumulco is the highest peak in Central America and you can see ice formations over the rocks and among the grass near  [ más ]

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Establishment of Hearings and ProvincesEstablishment of Hearings and Provinces

Monument to Fray Bartolome Houses in the Church of Santo Domingo, Guatemala area. The conquistadors were the first to claim territory and benefits. Emerged hearings were ruled by them in most cases. The Indian was  [ más ]

Guatemala, Central Americas first cityGuatemala, Central Americas first city

Iximche Mayan ruins. Established but not built, the city of Santiago de los Caballeros in Guatemala stood at Iximche, a few minutes of Tecpan in Chimaltenango. Iximché meeting the ideal conditions of indigenous groups had  [ más ]

Population decline during the conquestPopulation decline during the conquest

Fray Bartolome de las Casas religious defender Indians. Fought inhuman abuse of colonizers. The conquest of America was not easy. The territory is now Guatemala and the Mayan peoples who inhabited it were fierce battle.  [ más ]

Maya city Yax MutalMaya city Yax Mutal

Tikal's name was given in relation to Ti Ak'al (near the hole with water), referring to an ancient water reservoir site. Yax Mutal, the ruins of a large city Tikal came to house approximately 60,000  [ más ]