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Cerro Quemado cavesCerro Quemado caves

Down in the cave explorer Xela. Cerro Quemado, in Quetzaltenango, just minutes from the city of Xela, has a truly immense conglomerate rock, ideal for sport climbing and traditional. All the volcanic rock are scattered  [ más ]

Establishment of Hearings and ProvincesEstablishment of Hearings and Provinces

Monument to Fray Bartolome Houses in the Church of Santo Domingo, Guatemala area. The conquistadors were the first to claim territory and benefits. Emerged hearings were ruled by them in most cases. The Indian was  [ más ]

The arches of EsquipulasThe arches of Esquipulas

Arches of the aqueduct water Esquipulas drinking. After the Spanish conquest in Chiquimula, Esquipulas began to chart a new town together with their public services. Pobable water topped the list. Taking advantage of the topography  [ más ]

Walking around Lava in Pacaya VolcanoWalking around Lava in Pacaya Volcano

There is lava everywhere! Are you coming or not? It was a cold rainy morning when we got there but the steam and heat from the lava made our day. We got totally dry in  [ más ]

Healthy travelHealthy travel

From Baja Verapaz to Quiche, Guatemala's beauty and culture cannot be rivaled. Historical and cultural sites fill visitors with a sense of awe and wonder. It is like none other, its diversity unmatched. To fully  [ más ]

History of Guatemala the first inhabitantsHistory of Guatemala the first inhabitants

Guatemala was established as an independent country on September 15, 1821, the history that preceded its definition as a country is typical of the territory it occupies, beginning with the earliest inhabitants: the Maya. The  [ más ]

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Think twice about the colorful leafsThink twice about the colorful leafs

I couldn't help but posting this picture. The colors, the combination and the shape of the liquidambar leaves. In fact I just had to appreciate this little spot for a little while over Huehuetenango on  [ más ]

Aguateca maya city in PetexbatúnAguateca maya city in Petexbatún

Home Ruler, Grupo Palacio. Mayan Master Photo In Petén Tikal and Yaxhá not only are prominent archaeological sites. Ceibal Aguateca Cancuén and stand out among others. Aguateca is the most accessible and more renovated structures.  [ más ]

Peace at Tajumulco VolcanoPeace at Tajumulco Volcano

One of my favs. Tajumulco lets you watch two countries from the summit, Guatemala and México. I can almost see my house from here. Or maybe not? This is the summit at Tajumulco at 4,220  [ más ]

Basurera Snake on Huehuetenango trailsBasurera Snake on Huehuetenango trails

Walking on the muddy trails to Laguna Brava or - Yolnabaj - (mad or angry lagoon) at Huehuetenango found this. A small snake crossing the mud. After half a second my camera was out trying  [ más ]

I got to break freeI got to break free

Ahhh sometimes I get just too much of the -city- and just want to run away. This is exactly how I felt at the same moment, breaking free. It was a cold but nice day  [ más ]

On a cold clear day at TajumulcoOn a cold clear day at Tajumulco

Picture taken in automatic mode at Tajumulco Volcano (4,220 meters above sea level). Tajumulco is the highest peak in Central America and you can see ice formations over the rocks and among the grass near  [ más ]

Abaj Talakik Takalik AbajAbaj Talakik Takalik Abaj

If you visit Retalhuleu, take the opportunity to visit this archaeological site located in the municipality of El Asintal. It is not difficult to access and you can get in a car sedans. The weather  [ más ]
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Ah Cacao Gran JaguarAh Cacao Gran Jaguar

When Calakmul (North Mayan city located in what is now Mexico), invaded Tikal in 679, interrupted the dynastic line but not permanently. Chaak Ujol Nuun son and member of the royal lineage, Jasaw was destined  [ más ]

Ipala VolcanoIpala Volcano

Few places gather so much beauty as the Ipala Volcano. Its located in a warm region where the summer heat hits kinda hard, but still, no matter the time of the year, its summit stays  [ más ]

Population decline during the conquestPopulation decline during the conquest

Fray Bartolome de las Casas religious defender Indians. Fought inhuman abuse of colonizers. The conquest of America was not easy. The territory is now Guatemala and the Mayan peoples who inhabited it were fierce battle.  [ más ]

Cerro Grande (Big hill) in San Vicente PacayaCerro Grande (Big hill) in San Vicente Pacaya

Despite the demanding or risky, sports adventure usually arrive to be practiced even alone. Quiet, we will not speak ill of our ranch (adventure sports), on the contrary, to clarify why these magnificent sports are  [ más ]

Amatitlán RailwayAmatitlán Railway

Among the beautiful places to visit near Guatemala City, Lake Amatitlán is the biggest lake. It was a few years ago almost the identical brother of Lake Atitlán. So far, the pollution and industrial waste  [ más ]

The end of the Mam empireThe end of the Mam empire

Zaculeu Mayan pyramid, ancient Huehuetenango Mam kingdom. According to historical accounts the name of the region was Memejuyú. It was time that his warriors will face the Spanish. Chinabajul, as it was called, was the  [ más ]

Fuego Volcano every end of the yearFuego Volcano every end of the year

The Volcan de Fuego, Pacaya and Santiaguito are the three volcanoes of Guatemala who are active. Only the Pacaya is friendly enough to see him up close and closer to their rivers of lava, walk  [ más ]

Junajpú, new feature at Volcán de AguaJunajpú, new feature at Volcán de Agua

The cable car over the Agua finalmence will take place. It is a unique work of its kind and will carry tourists from Santa Maria de Jesus to the crater of the volcano. It is  [ más ]

Think twice about the colorful leafsThink twice about the colorful leafs

I couldn't help but posting this picture. The colors, the combination and the shape of the liquidambar leaves. In fact I just had to appreciate this little spot for a little while over Huehuetenango on  [ más ]

Laguna BravaLaguna Brava

Getting to Laguna Brava is quite an adventure. This journey is not for the addicts to hotels and spas but ideal to the adventurous. It takes a while to get there from Guatemala city. This  [ más ]

Momostenango cliffs TotonicapánMomostenango cliffs Totonicapán

Located in the town of Momostenango in Totonicapán. Receives many visitors during the year and is one of the tourist icon of the department. As a frequent flier, after seeing many attractions in Guatemala, I  [ más ]

Cancuén archaeological siteCancuén archaeological site

Detail of plaza and play ball in Cancuén. The journey to Cancuén begins by taking the path to the Atlantic, to Coban. The newcomer will take the crossing to the left that leads to Chisec  [ más ]

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Suchitepequez is mostly known and referred to as San Antonio Suchitepequez or San Antonio Suchi, a quiet place with modest accommodations. The main activity is the agriculture but is also famous for its handicrafts, especially  [ más ]

Cave of the lighting Cueva del rayoCave of the lighting Cueva del rayo

Caving, study and exploration of caves, is a fascinating activity, of course, not suitable for claustrophobic (phobia of enclosed spaces or small rooms.) On this occasion, we went to Huehuetenango to visit this interesting cave.  [ más ]

Lake Atitlán TourLake Atitlán Tour

The blue paradise rests over a volcanic caldera of ancient magma still guarded by three volcanoes: San Pedro, Atitlán and Tolimán showing their perfect shaped cones. The water is fresh and usually warm in the  [ más ]

Paradise Waterfall, warm water waterfallParadise Waterfall, warm water waterfall

Come to Izabal and swim right next to a waterfall, enjoy the how water mixing with the river flowing and choose the spot you like with your proffered temperature: hot, warm and cold. Yes, you  [ más ]